Yuj Kutumb supports for-profit organizations providing societal benefits and/or public goods within a financially sustainable framework.

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Yuj Ventures is the private investing arm of the Yuj platform. Backed by the family office of Sid Yog, Yuj Ventures invests in new and innovative ideas and companies; helps rapidly growing companies scale in emerging markets; and enables networks, alliances and joint ventures that support emerging markets’ entry. The firm has invested in companies across India, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States,Latin America, and the United Kingdom.

Yuj Kutumb supports for-profit organizations providing societal benefits and/or public goods within a financially sustainable framework. Separate from our grant making program, here we aim to invest in companies whose measurable social and/or public impact allows for moderating our investment return expectations. Organizations must be able to demonstrate a revenue model that is based on profitability within a specified period, must provide a path to return of capital even if over a long time horizon, and ideally generate a base financial return, even if it be lower than the then prevailing cost of capital.

The Yuj Foundation has an annual grant making program for social entrepreneurs and organizations in three areas – education, urbanization, and the arts. The focus areas represent our belief that a better world requires better education opportunities and outcomes for everyone, a sustainable world requires sustainable urbanization and de-urbanization, and a civilized world requires more support to the arts that make us human.

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Yuj By The Numbers


UNO Digital Bank


UNO Bank is a leading digital bank in the Philippines, offering high-interest savings, innovative loans, and 24/7 operations, through a unified platform for all financial needs, prioritizing simplicity, efficiency, and security.

Living Food Co.

Consumer Brand

Living Food Company is an online grocery marketplace that enables consumer access to sustainable, fresh, and high-quality food that is locally sourced.

Ghost Kitchens India

Consumer Brand

Ghost Kitchens India is a multi-cuisine, multi-brand cloud kitchen company. Through its Ghost Brands programme, GK allows small restaurant and cloud kitchen owners to optimise underutilised space by operating franchised ‘Internet Restaurants’.



Lal 10 is a tech-enabled, full stack B2B cross border platform for MSMEs in creative manufacturing. With over 45,000 products digitized, Lal 10 is the largest vertical wholesale marketplace for the creative manufacturing industry in India.


Enterprise Tech

Invicara enables buildings and infrastructure assets to be designed, built and operated more efficiently, by leveraging the power of Building Informatics and Digital Twins. Through powerful software products, the platform provides contextual and actionable information to solve business problems of the built environment.



Silkhaus is an Asia focussed technology-enabled hospitality platform, with a goal to reinvent medium and long-term stays.

Purple Style Labs

Consumer Brand

Purple Style Labs is an Indian luxury fashion house, bringing together India's top designers under one platform.


Digital Media

Seekho is a video-first, Micro-learning based career platform for Gen-Z. Seekho brings learners, educators, and employers under one platform.


Digital Ad Management

Graas uses predictive AI and an end-to-end tech stack to equip brands with automated eCommerce recommendations that impact their bottom line, driving profitable growth.


Startup Studio

Cerebellum is a startup studio that builds new startup ventures internally from original idea stage, going through customer validation, prototyping, early product, forming the team and spinning the startup out as an independent entity.

The New Shop


The New Shop is a chain of 24*7convenience retail stores with omni-channel presence. TNS is present across residential clusters, transit hubs, and fuel stations.


Digital Media

Goodgame1 is an esports media and entertainment company. GG1 aims to build an immersive esports ecosystem in India by hosting competitive esports leagues and creating educational & interactive esports content.


Prop Tech

Arrivae is a customised home interior solution provider. By providing efficient end-to-end, tech-enabled design solutions and assistance, Arrivae helps homeowners create the home of their dreams.



goStops is an Indian youth hostel company, established with the vision to provide millennials with an affordable & exciting experience across the 20+ locations it is currently present in.

Weave Living


Weave is a Hong Kong-based collaborative living company that provides living spaces to Asia's millennials, students and young professionals.



Cove is a Singapore-based co-living company that curates technology leveraged co-living spaces across South-East Asia.

Elara Technologies

Prop Tech

Elara Technologies is the parent company of PropTiger, makaan.com and housing.com- India’s first online-to-offline real estate services platforms. Through these platforms, Elara provides consumers a unified technology-driven platform that can serve the needs of consumers, developers and brokers.

More Retail

Consumer Brand

More Retail is a pioneer in omnichannel food and grocery retail in India, with a national footprint of 600+ stores across India.


Consumer Brand

Passionate about providing the health-conscious Indian consumer with the highest quality organic & healthy food experience, Suzette Gourmet is a Mumbai-based organic restaurant chain and food brand.

Eupheus Learning


Eupheus Learning aims to bridge the gap between in-class and at-home learning by offering seamlessly integrated learning solutions in the Pre-K to 12 market



KidZania is a global learning and entertainment brand, consisting of an international chain of interactive indoor family entertainment centres made for children aged 1-14 that combine inspiration, fun and learning through realistic role-play.

Passavant & Lee

Consumer Brand

Passavant and Lee is a luxury men's accessories brand that combines beautiful raw materials and innovative design with classic British and American style.

Everbright Media

Digital Media

Everbright Media aims to make it fun for kids to learn about a wide variety of important topics that they need to know – from lessons on personal finance, to history and the world around them. Everbright brings learning to life through entertaining films and illustrated print products 

Hello Verify

Enterprise Tech

Helloverify is a machine learning & AI-based background screening company that provides a compliant & robust screening process to businesses, allowing them to make informed hiring decisions.

Alianca Hospitalar

Enterprise Tech

Alianca Hospitalar assists hospitals in Brazil to optimise their financial results by providing tools that support the pharmacy, registration, billing, and supply teams



The Bubbleball Business Association supports development of community Bubbleball (a fun combination of rugby, football, and soccer) programs, businesses, events and tournaments domestically in the United States and internationally.



Wallplay repurposes vacant space for public good by connecting artists, creative technologists, curators, and institutions to storefront spaces for cutting-edge collaborations.



Providing tech enabled and flexible co-living experiences, CoHo is the ideal experience for India’s rapidly growing working professional and student population. CoHo is currently present in 4 cities across India, with plans to expand its presence to 8 cities.

HST Solar

Clean Energy

HST is a cloud-based clean energy software provider, with a mission to accelerate the adoption of solar energy globally by automating design and engineering for large-scale solar projects

MarcoPolo Learning

Digital Media

Marcopolo Learning is a top global publisher of award-winning STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, and Math) learning based educational games and videos for children aged 3-7


Digital Media

Founded with a vision to get people to ‘Read India Right’ by providing otherwise missing reasoned viewpoints, Swarajya is a fiercely independent right of center print and online magazine and news outlet. First established under the patronage of Indian freedom fighter and statesman C Rajagopalachari in 1956, Swarajya was re-launched in 2014.



Aiming to completely change the way banks, hospitals, and other service providers work with their customers by providing a platform for decentralized biometric identity, Element was one of the first modern AI labs focussed on digital identity. Element develops and distributes artificial intelligence-powered mobile-based platforms for biometric identification

The Ken

Digital Media

A pioneer of the subscriber-only online business journalism model in India, The Ken is a pan-Asian digital publication that publishes one original story every weekday.


Consumer Brand

Formed on the grounds of giving simple, effective solutions to health enthusiasts in India, Healthkart is India’s leading one-stop solution for genuine health & nutritional supplement needs. With an online presence as well as an offline presence of 36 cities across India, consumers can compare and buy a variety of health products.


Consumer Brand

(mission) Started with a mission to build India’s largest primary care network, Healthskool is a chain of neighbourhood pharmacies in India that sell medicines and provide affordable consultation and diagnostic services

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