Eupheus Learning expands target audiences from premium to affordable schools in K-12

Eupheus Learning operates as a B2B (business-to-business) ed-tech brand and does not directly charge any fees from students or parents for its services and products.

Eupheus Learning, an edtech company, claims to be focused on providing technology-driven solutions for K-12 education. The company aims to transform the traditional learning experience by integrating technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) into their educational products and services. Eupheus Learning had collaborated with schools to curate and develop comprehensive learning solutions, Amit Kapoor, co-founder, Eupheus Learning, told FE Education. “Initially, during its inception from 2017-2021, Eupheus Learning primarily concentrated on serving premium schools, targeting the top-tier educational institutions. However, starting from 2022, the ed-tech company has expanded its focus to include affordable schools situated in tier-2 and tier-3 cities as well,” he said.

Eupheus Learning claims that its solutions are currently being used by 9,000 schools. In an effort to further support these schools and enhance its offerings, the ed-tech brand aims to establish deeper connections and provide them with an expanded range of products and services. “We are actively seeking to broaden our presence in various geographical locations, indicating their commitment to reaching and assisting a greater number of educational institutions across different regions,” Kapoor said. Eupheus Learning operates as a B2B (business-to-business) ed-tech brand and does not directly charge any fees from students or parents for its services and products. Instead, when schools opt for its offerings, they may request parents of students to cover the costs associated with these services, he further added.

To be sure, the government is working towards creating a policy to regulate ed-tech companies in the country. To prevent monopolistic practices and protect students from exploitation, the Department of School Education and Literacy (DoSEL) is building a collaborative platform with ed-tech startups. “This development is highly favourable as it has the potential to democratise access to high-quality educational resources. It is indeed a commendable initiative and I believe that if others can also join, it can give more choices to students to pick and choose,” he added.

Eupheus Learning claims to offer a comprehensive single platform and operating system specifically designed for schools, accessible through a single tab. This solution allow schools to efficiently manage various essential tasks such as content consumption, assignments, projects, fee collection, admissions, parent communication, and more—all within a unified application. This integrated approach simplifies the school management process, eliminating the need for multiple apps or websites for different services. “By consolidating these functionalities into a single app, Eupheus Learning addresses the challenge faced by schools when juggling multiple services, providing them with a streamlined and convenient solution for running their operations effectively.” he said.

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