Bank BRI and Element Announce Partnership to Enable Digital Financial Services and Commerce

Bank BRI, the people’s bank of Indonesia and the largest bank in Southeast Asia by customers, with over 75 million account holders, and Element, the privacy-led, modern AI pioneer in digital identity services, have formed a partnership to launch the state-of-the-art in digital identity, digital onboarding, security and anti-fraud technologies to the primary product channels and partner integrations of Bank BRI.

The technology and product partnership will include the flagship BRImo app, the core mobile banking application of Bank BRI which facilitated 51 million transactions in 2019, and the Pinang and Ceria digital lending apps, which have served as pioneering platforms for low cost loans in Indonesia, among others. The partnership will also target the launch of embedded financial services in eCommerce applications, providing user validation and banking-as-a-service to any customer at the point of transaction of an eCommerce application.

“At Bank BRI, investing in delivering advanced and practical technology innovations and product development has been our forefront commitment, to enable financial services access for more Indonesians than ever before, with an elegant user experience and high performance” said Indra Utoyo, Managing Director, Information Technology and Operations, Bank BRI. “We’ve worked with Element for many years across a spectrum of applications, and this partnership formalizes a significantly broader scope of technical and product planning by the partners to provide the next generation of digital financial services for the ecosystem.”

“BRI plays a foundational role across Indonesia’s financial and commerce sectors, as a leading state-owned entity with large scale platforms and essential use cases, spanning much of the everyday needs of Indonesians across the archipelago,” said Adam Perold, Co-founder, President & CEO of Element Inc. “We have been grateful to play a role in supporting the digital onboarding and authentication technologies of our early integrations with BRI, which were pioneering implementations, and have yielded a partnership and platform with excellent performance for the use cases of the country.”

About Bank BRI

Since its establishment, BRI consistently focuses on micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME), and became the pioneer of microfinance in Indonesia. The Bank maintains its commitment until today, and with the support of its experience in delivering banking services, especially in the MSME segment, BRI has been able to record the achievement of being the most profitable bank in 13 consecutive years. Such an achievement is the result of hard work of all BRI employees who ceaselessly innovate and develop banking products and services for all business segments.

BRI is the first to provide banking self-service in Indonesia through BRI Hybrid Banking in 2013. In 2015, BRI launched Teras BRI Kapal, the world’s first ever sea-floating banking service. Then, in 2016, BRI launched BRIsat, making it the first bank in the world that owns and operates its own satellite. In order to provide the best service for customers, BRI increased the number of ATM machines up to 22,684 units, the number of EDC of 284,425 units, as well as the number of CRM of 2,609 units, including 401,550 BRILink agents. These E-channel networks spread across Indonesia are the evidence of BRI consistency in reaching the then unreachable.

BRI continues to innovate its financial products and services to establish itself as the leading financial institution in digital banking in Indonesia. Some digital banking products launched through BRI Agro or PINANG are the First Digital Banking Lending in Indonesia. Next came BRImo which is the latest data-driven BRI Mobile application. Most recently, BRI launched online loan facility called CERIA. These initiatives were undertaken to continue realizing BRI’s aspiration to be an excellent banking in the current digital economy.

About Element

As the world demands digital delivery of products and services, Element is delivering a persistent, private, and portable unique digital identity designed with intention. Element – the first modern artificial intelligence company focused on digital identity – laid the foundations for deploying deep learning on mobile devices. Our universal solution provides a mobile digital identity for anyone, anywhere.

We partner with forward-thinking financial institutions, governments, and healthcare organizations to transform how they deliver their services. Our partners choose to work with us because we deliver faster access without compromise – securely connecting anyone to any service while retaining the right to privacy. Together, we’re building a frictionless future. Learn more at

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