LinkedIn Top Startups 2022: The 25 Indian companies on the rise

The 2022 LinkedIn Top Startups list reveals 25 emerging Indian companies gaining attention. Backed by unique LinkedIn data measuring different elements of growth and demand, the list reveals companies like CREDupGrad and Zepto that you should be paying attention to. 

India’s startup landscape has evolved to become the third largest in the world, after the U.S. and China. In fact, Indian startups raised over $21 billion between January to August 2022, with one of LinkedIn Top Startups, upGrad, leading the way with a funding of $210 million in Series F funding. And this robust startup ecosystem is key to India realising its dream of becoming a $5 trillion economy by 2025.

Starting and growing a company has always been tough, but it’s especially tough right now. As the working world navigates widespread inflation and economic uncertainty, it’s getting more challenging for young companies to get investment and grow quickly.

But while it’s a challenging moment, some argue that innovative ideas are born in times of uncertainty. Operating under constrained resources and limited capital can push young companies to prioritise assets and values and adapt quickly.

LinkedIn Top Startups India 2022

Our 5th annual LinkedIn Top Startups list is the resource to find the startups to pay attention to right now, featuring 25 Indian companies that are rising to the challenges of the moment and continuing to innovate and gain attention in 2022.

To compile the list, we looked at LinkedIn data across four pillars: employee growth; jobseeker interest; member engagement within the company and its employees; and how well these startups pulled talent from our flagship LinkedIn Top Companies list. (You can learn more about our methodology and eligibility requirements at the bottom of this article.)

This list is ultimately meant to be a resource for jobseekers excited by the opportunity to innovate, solve big problems and grow their skills. If joining a startup is the right fit for you, check out which roles, functions and skills are in demand at each company —  and view the linked LinkedIn Learning courses to study up. If you see a company that sparks your interest, take a look at who you may know and turn on job alerts to stay on top of future opportunities.

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